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Allergic Foodie

Hello! I’m Laura and I started AllergicFoodie.com because I firmly believe that allergy-friendly foods can still be delicious! My foodie journey began with the amazing women in my family, gained traction when I lived in France, and then evolved when I developed food allergies as an adult. Now I’m an allergic foodie along with 2 of my children, who have severe food allergies. I’ve learned lots of tricks along the way to keep my little allergic foodies safe, while still providing my family and our guests with incredible, healthy food.

Having someone with food allergies in the family can feel daunting. I know that it did for me! I started AllergicFoodie.com to offer help to those families asking themselves questions like “My child just developed a food allergy, what now?” or “I just developed a food allergy, how can I still enjoy the foods I love?”. If you are an allergic foodie as well, follow along for tips, tricks and delicious recipes. The Home Page will showcase our latest posts. Scroll through our Allergy Friendly Recipes page for awesome allergy friendly recipes. Visit our Thriving With Food Allergies page for tips and research to help you navigate your food allergy journey and thrive as an allergic foodie family.

Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for the latest recipes and research. We love this journey for you!