How To Get Rid Of Halloween Candy

how to get rid of an assortment of halloween candy

Even if you carry your teal pumpkin, odds are that your kids ended up with Halloween candy that they are allergic to. You’ve sorted all of the candy, given them the safe options, and now you’re left with a pile of chocolaty treats- what’s next? You could throw it all away or eat it all yourself, I suppose, but I have some better options for how to get rid of Halloween candy.

1. Donate to the troops

Operation Gratitude has one sole purpose: to make our troops smile. Everyone loves to receive a treat, including the men and women in our military. From their website “The Halloween Candy Give Back Program has been connecting communities with their Military, Veteran, and First Responder Heroes each fall since 2007. Volunteers from all 50 states and Washington D.C. share a portion of their excess Halloween candy with Operation Gratitude. We then assist in distributing the candy to deployed troops, local military units, veterans, and first responders, providing a sweet opportunity for grateful Americans to thank those who serve our nation.” Moving forward, you can register ahead of time every year and send all of the allergen containing candy.

2. Donate to the Pediatric unit at your local Hospital or Clinic

Help put a smile on a sick child’s face. Definitely call ahead and coordinate with the hospital operator or clinic reception. Other options are to reach out to pediatric specific charities like Ronald McDonald House.

You know who else needs a smile? The nurses, providers and staff…. bring the candy to the nurses station, and they’ll do the rest.

3. Help those in Need

Reach out to your local food bank- many have programs specifically for children. They can even take food that’s close to the expiration window, so if you have last year’s candy… bring that along too.

Homeless shelters and crisis centers are other places where there are plenty of people who could use a smile. Imagine what a luxury candy might be to someone in crisis.

4. Halloween Candy Buy Back

Think of the teeth! The purpose of these events is to keep excess candy out of kids mouths, and so is often sponsored by dentists. Basically, the program connects you with local businesses that accept candy donations in exchange for a small reward for the kids, like hygiene packs, toothbrushes, coupons etc. Visit the buy back website to find a local event.

5. Donate to a local Nursing Home/ Senior Care Facility

Call to coordinate to drop off extra candy for the residents. Covid may make this difficult, but in future years wouldn’t it be fun to organize a “reverse trick or treat”? Bring the kids and have them hand out candy to the elderly residents at a local nursing home.

6. Bring it to your office

That’s assuming that you’re going to the office. If you are, then you know that the break room is the easiest place to offload excess fruit from your trees, the contents of the random care package from your great aunt, or Halloween candy that your kid(s) are allergic to.

7. Save them for Care/ Gift Packages

For the candy that isn’t wrapped in spiders and pumpkins, set the candy aside to include in care packages of all types. This is one of the easiest ways to figure out how to get rid of Halloween candy, re-use! Baby shower, valentines day, your neighbor’s 7th birthday. These are all examples of when you can add some candy to the package. Other ideas:

  • Create care packages for the neighborhood and drop off before Thanksgiving
  • Have little packages in small cellophane bags with just a few candy bars on hand. Throughout the holidays you can share at random. The extra stressed barista- here’s some chocolate! The very patient cashier at the grocery store- Chocolate!
  • Holiday snacks for delivery drivers. Every year I put out a basket of snacks for the delivery drivers that work harder than any of us see to get all of the holiday packages delivered… add the leftover candy to the basket and watch their faces light up.
  • If you know of a baby shower on the horizon, save it for that disgusting baby shower game with the melted chocolate bars in a diaper….

The options are limitless… I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to get rid of Halloween candy.

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