Thriving with Food Allergies: Tips & Tricks

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Best Egg Substitute for Baking

Looking for an egg substitute for baking recipes but unsure of the best option? I’ve done the leg work for you to test 5 of the top egg substitutes and I have a clear and surprising winner! Before we get into the results, let’s quickly discuss the methodology. I used a basic low yield sugar cookie recipe to limit wasting too much food- each batch makes ~6 cookies. Please note, that since I used a low yield recipe, the recipe calls for only an egg yolk, not a full egg- this will be important later when we evaluate the color

How To Get Rid Of Halloween Candy

Even if you carry your teal pumpkin, odds are that your kids ended up with Halloween candy that they are allergic to. You’ve sorted all of the candy, given them the safe options, and now you’re left with a pile of chocolaty treats- what’s next? You could throw it all away or eat it all yourself, I suppose, but I have some better options for how to get rid of Halloween candy. 1. Donate to the troops Operation Gratitude has one sole purpose: to make our troops smile. Everyone loves to receive a treat, including the men and women in

Safely Cooking With Allergies: Preventing Food Cross Contamination

When you or someone in your family develops food allergies- or even when you’re hosting guests- a couple of questions tend to pop into your head. I hope that one of them is “how do I prevent food cross contamination?” or “how do I prevent exposing him/her/myself/them to the allergen?” The most obvious answer is “don’t serve it”. Sometimes, however, that isn’t a viable answer. For one, I really love cheese and couldn’t 100% give it up when my son developed a dairy allergy. More importantly, my children have conflicting food allergies: my son is allergic to dairy and my

Exposing Baby to Top 8 Allergens

*** This post on exposing your baby to top 8 food allergens is based on my experience only and is not meant to replace medical advice. Always discuss and develop a plan with your medical provider before embarking on any exposure regimen.*** Most research suggests that exposing baby early might help avoid development of food allergies. Research also suggests that exposing your baby can also reduce the severity of a food allergy. Click here to Jump to our favorite foods Exposing your Baby Research An estimated 8% of children in the United States have a food allergy, according to the